VALORANT new agent
Credit: Riot Games

Jald hi milte hain

VALORANT teases Agent 21 – new Controller inbound

It’s been a while since a new Agent was added to VALORANT. The wait might soon be over, though, following a tease from Riot.

The tease for VALORANTs new Agent was dropped at the end of the latest State of the Agents. The post also spoke about changes future agent changes. Chamber and Fade were addressed as overperformers, while Cypher was said to be underperforming.

Valorant New Agent
Riot Games

VALORANTs new Agent – Agent 21

VALORANTs new Agent will be the 21st Agent in the roster.

The tease was signed off with the phrase “Jald hi milte hain.” This means “see you soon” in Hindi, seemingly confirming that VALORANT’s new Agent will hail from India. The image is also titled ‘samosachaat.jpg’. Samosa chaat is a street food most popular in the North of India. This, paired with the Hindi, all but confirms Agent 21’s country of origin.

The art within the image shows fishing boats moored to a wharf. Alongside this, on the table in the foreground, there is also a drink, a bowl of samosas, and a journal.

Further confirmation of the new VALORANT Agent’s country of origin is seen within the pages of the journal. There is a map of India in the bottom right corner of the open pages. The left side of the pages is interesting, however, as it could lead to clues about the Agent’s abilities.

The left side of the page features a floating orb that looks close to one of Sage’s orbs. It’s unlikely the floating orb will act similarly to Sage’s orbs in game, but we’re willing to bet one of the new Agent’s abilities will bare a striking resemblance to that image.

What will the new agent be?

“It feels like we have to go all the way back to ancient times to our last new Controller release with Astra.”

John Gosicki, VALORANT Senior Character Producer

The quote from VALORANT Senior Character Producer seems to confirm the new Agent will be a Controller. His sentiment about Astra is true too, Astra was released on March 2nd, 2021. This means there has been an 18-month gap since the last Controller was introduced.

The rest of John Gosicki’s words are more interesting, however, as they seem to give a clue as to the powers the new Agent will possess.

“Drought,” “ancient times,” “blue ocean,” and “flood” are all mentioned in the post. The words are all very forced in, a clear plan to give a further tease about the new Agent’s abilities. A water theme is very clear, leading us to believe VALORANT’s new Agent will have water-based powers. This is fitting, too, considering there are already fire and air-based Agents with Phoenix and Jett.

VALORANT new agent
Riot Games

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