Fracture is the most interesting and complicated map in VALORANT. Naturally, a complex map leads to complex strats.

We’re only scratching the surface one week into the map’s release, but already have some big-brain utility uses all across the map.

Here are a few of the most recent and most useful lineups.

Jett Ult Spot

We’ve seen players find some sneaky ultimate spots for Jett on a few maps – especially Icebox.

This one looks to be a true buzz-kill to players pushing from B Main.

High-Ground Sage Walls

Even though Sage has received nerf after nerf, she never seems to leave the meta.

Part of the reason for this is the utility of her wall. Not only can it block choke points, but it can give big-brain nerds high-ground in multiple locations on every map.

Fracture is no different, and we’re sure to see more uses for her wall as players continue to explore the new map.

Viper Orb

Viper is one of the nerdiest agents in the map. Her lineups reward players who study Reddit and YouTube videos rather than the KovaaKs legends.

There are undoubtedly dozens of Viper lineups on VALORANT’s newest map. Here’s an effective one from the attacking side.

Riot Games

This is only the start.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more people find more creative ways to use each agent on Fracture.

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