Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 3.07 Removes Deathmatch Penalty

VALORANT patch 3.07 has just been released, bringing just a few changes to the game.

The biggest change is the removal of the penalty received when leaving deathmatch. Previously, if you were in a deathmatch game and left early, you would receive a penalty for playing all modes in-game. This angered many pros as they believed deathmatch should be an environment where you can come and go.

Now, players can come and go from deathmatch as they wish without worrying about facing penalties that affect their competitive matches.

In addition to this, a few other minor changes have been made. For one, Jett knives will now regenerate after killing bots in training. Next, Viper previously had a peeking advantage and could see enemies quicker than the opponent when picking up her poison cloud. Now, that feature has been removed by mirroring the view from inside the poison cloud and outside.

You can view the full patch notes on the VALORANT Blog.