Credit: Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

Keyd Stars upset Ascend

Going into VALORANT Champions, a lot of teams underestimated the Brazilian Region.

The odds of Keyd Stars winning was around 4.5.

Map one started off even between the two teams.

However, the Brazillian Team won the first gun round of the second half and pulled away with the match after that.

Ascend answered back, destroying Keyd Stars on map two.

But, on map three, Keyd stars got off to an early start that helped them win the map in the end.

Fnatic take down Vision Strikers

Fnatic was a heavily underestimated team while Vision Strikers entered the tournament as a favorite. Despite beating C9, Fnatic was still favored by fans to lose.

But, the Derke show from Reykjavik was back. With him leading the charge, Fnatic dismantled Vision Strikers on Icebox.

However, Vision Strikers answered back on map two while Derke calmed down.

Stax and BuZz were on top for the roster as the duo pushed VS to win 5 rounds in a row at the end to win the map.

Derke returned on the decider map and dropped 25 kills as Fnatic took down Vision Strikers.

Envy pick apart X10

The anticipation for this series was high

Envy finished strong at the last event and X10 had Patiphan back.

In Breeze, X10 started off strong.

However, Envy quickly replied through FNS’s KJ setups and yay’s operator to start putting together rounds.

Despite some resistance from Patiphan and sScary, Envy closed out the map 13-8.

On map three, Ascent, both teams were in peak form.

The two teams traded rounds as each team fought for the advantage.

At 5-5, Envy managed to narrowly win a round to bankrupt X10 and then end the half 7-5.

Once on the attack side, X10 faltered while FNS and Envy dominated.

 With little resistance, Envy won the map 13-7 and the series 2-0.

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