valde is in danger of becoming a footnote in history

valde’s career has been underwhelming, in so many ways.

Touted as a player who could eventually be one of the best in the world from early on, and blessed with Danish nationality; valde looked like a certainty go on to win a boatload of trophies.

And yet, it’s never happened.

Always the B anchor, never the rotater

valde has always been on teams where he is expected to be one of the better players.

On North he would have Gade and MSL beneath him, or CadiaN, or niko; and on OG, he’s had ISSAA, Aleksib, nexa and the likes. He’s never been a player who has been along for the ride, he’s always been the driver.

Now, is that due to valde, or due to circumstance?

Is valde a player who thinks he needs resources and his positions, and needs to have supports – or is he simply in the wrong teams?

If valde went to Astralis and was the 4th best player, would he be happy?

Quietly planning.

valde’s next move has to be the right one, or he will simply go down as another what if, a talented player who never settled into a great team, a perennially good but never great player, a bridesmaid but never a bride.

His career is in serious danger of petering out, and some might argue through no fault of his own. North collapsed around him, and OG have been disappointing from inception ’til now.

But the history books will not care; they will see a player who was a large part of disappointing rosters, regardless of the truth, and disregard him as another talented player who got lost.

valde has to shed any ego he may have, and take up a support role on a great team; a few tournament wins will completely change perspective on his, ultimately, disappointing career so far.

But if he does go to Astralis, and things don’t work out, he ends up coming off as another es3tag. A nomadic, wishy-washy, talented-but-unsuccessful player who has only been on teams that have fallen apart.

This move has to be the right one. On to you, valde. is a leading hub for all things esports and competitive gaming. From Counter-Strike to Valorant, from League of Legends to Dota 2, it's all covered, along with the community news that matters most to gamers.