URF's low cooldowns make for extremely fun gameplay.
Credit: Riot Games

Flip to win

URF team transports AFK enemy to their base to kill the unkillable

  • It’s impossible to kill an AFK player, unless..
  • This team transported an AFK enemy all the way to their base in URF
  • They got the kill – #worth in all-chat

Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is the best place for fun interactions and highlights in League of Legends; this clip is another example of that.

In a recent trending clip, a team of friends managed to kill the “unkillable” by transporting an AFK enemy Xerath across the map to their fountain.

A player who has left the game is pretty much unkillable unless the fountain laser takes a crack at it. Indeed, Riot Games provides AFK champions a nonsensical amount of resistances to prevent them from dying to a Karthus ult.

To pull off the long journey across the map, the team used Singed and Gragas to continuously knock the AFK opponent towards their own base. Because of URF’s low ability cooldowns, the premade team spammed their abilities faster than the AFK Xerath could run back towards his own base.


Using Singed’s Fling (E) and Gragas’ Explosive Cask (R), it didn’t take the team more than a few minutes to flip Xerath to their fountain and eventually get the hard-earned kill. 

One would think that Xerath’s team would do something to stop this nonsense, but no one seemed to care that the AFK player would receive a little punishment.

After all, Xerath’s absence potentially lost them the game. Besides, who takes URF that seriously? No matter what, the premade team managed to get a big laugh out of it, and a pretty unique clip to the highlight folder to boot.

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