Update Overview: Valve removes Train, adds Ancient

Valve has heard your prayers! They might not have listened, but at least they heard them. And then they decided it was time for a change.

Bye-bye Train, hello Ancient

Yes, you read that right—the most significant change from this update brings a new map in the Active Duty map-pool for the first time since March 2019, when Valve added Vertigo to the map-pool.

Okay, but what’s Ancient like? We don’t know. And frankly, no one seems to know if you ask CS:GO Twitter. Very few seem to have even looked at Ancient since its addition to the game in the latest Operation Broken Fang. It looks like both map and players will receive a competitive baptism by fire in the upcoming tournaments. But as the professional players dissect the map, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of changes.

In the end, Ancient is receiving very similar treatment to Vertigo, and hey, that turned out alright. We’re just sad to see Train leave.

Source: CS:GO

Counter-Broken: Global Fang

The new update has implemented pretty much every single feature from Operation Broken Fang into the game permanently. Most notably, the Stat page is here to stay. But before you get too excited, I have some bad news. It’s behind a paywall. So unless you give Valve your dollars – $0.85 a month – you can’t keep track of your matchmaking career.

Premier matchmaking and Retakes are also sticking around.

Source: CS:GO

More maps!

With the new update, Valve has introduced two new competitive community maps: Mocha and Grind. Mocha being the sexy, bright sibling and Grind being th- Wait. Is that Dust2? Is it Cache? Or did Dust2 and Cache have a baby? Either way, it seems like Valve might plan on adding new maps to the Active Duty pool in the future, increasing the collection of maps to rotate between. We don’t mind.

Two new Wingman maps have also been added to the game. You love to see some of the casual game modes get attention as well. Thank you, Valve.

Source: CS:GO blog


Chickens have received a visual upgrade. This majestic chicken is getting its own section, and no one can stop me. I mean, look at it.

Source: CS:GO

New case and skins

A new case named Snakebite Case has been added to the game, including 17 community-designed weapons and the gloves from Operation Broken Fang.

Source: CS:GO blog

Read the full patch notes here.