Credit: Valve

Hacked and stolen

Up to $3M worth of CSGO skins hacked & stolen

Yesterday, the skin legend known as HFB had his CSGO account hacked – losing his entire inventory, valued at up to $3 million.

Included in his missing items were his 1:1 glitched Vanilla Karambit, multiple Souvineer Dragon Lores, and countless other skins.

This has to be one of – if not the – biggest digital heist in CSGO and gaming history.

HFB’s glitched “no star” karambit

HFB’s hacked CSGO locker

HFB was somewhat secretive, keeping his inventory private for three years. On June 21st, he un-privated his account, making it visible to the public. But something wasn’t quite right.

Slowly, people began to realize that he wasn’t the one that made his account public again.

HFB, the skin collector, had lost control of his account.

CSGO skin influencer, TDM_Heyzeus, mentioned, “I noticed something a bit odd. The items in HFB’s inventory were disappearing. Someone was taking them out.”

The hackers were slowly trading his priceless items to their personal accounts.

Where are the skins now?

In his video on the topic, TDM_Heyzeus tracked the skins to a Russian CSGO marketplace.

The skins have already started selling. Even worse, these hackers clearly didn’t know the value of the skins that they stole.

The “Hiko Blue Gem Karambit – Case Hardened,” worth $300,000, was sold for a whopping $900 by the hackers.

What next?

Well, we can’t say. HFB’s steam account has already been community banned by Valve, so that’s a start.

The CSGO has banded together in an attempt to get Valve’s attention and save HFB’s account – but the chances are slim.

Tracking the items is simple enough, but Valve has never acted a scamming incident; will this be different?