Credit: Epic Games



Unreal Engine 5 demo makes me think we live in a simulation

Maybe I’m becoming a boomer, but these graphics are unsettlingly good.

I remember my parents saying, “Wow!” when they saw GTA on PS2. This, straight up, looks like real life.

Before reading the title, I thought this was just a run-of-the-mill jump-scare video – not the future of video games.

Do we live in a simulation? I mean, if we have this technology in 2022, what will we have in 2052? We’ll be plugged into the matrix by 2100.

So, if we can conceive of making such a realistic simulated world, who’s to say that we aren’t already inside of one?

If GTA 6 looks like this, I might quit gaming. There’s such a thing as “too realistic,” and Unreal Engine 5 is pushing it.