Credit: League of Legends Champions Korea - LCK

Unmatched: No one can stop T1 as they continue their LCK dominance

T1 have outclassed DWG KIA on Feb. 23 as they continue their domination in the LCK. Currently 11-0, T1 are looking like the strongest favorite for the title. While they are at it, why not finish the regular season 18-0? 

The early game looked great for DK in Game 1, with so much action in the first six minutes. Wherever Kellin went, fireworks ensued: as they won a 2v2 bottom lane fight, Kellin roamed top after his reset and gave his top laner the lead after helping him secure a kill. If that wasn’t enough, DK came victorious in another bot lane fight at the 10-minute mark and the kills started stacking up. 

Funnily enough, although DK looked like the leaders in the game, they were behind in gold because of T1's macro. Then, Faker happened in the 18-minute mark. From the moment he caught deokdam in the mid lane, T1 kept the tempo lead. 

Despite the early game from DK and their best efforts for a team fight setup, the game was impossible for them to play from behind and T1 comfortably closed it in 30 minutes. 

Game 2 started didn’t start for a while: Faker's headset issues led to a pause situation, but he accidentally flashed while trying to pause. The situation became a mess at this point: it took a Chronobreak for Faker to get his Flash back. 

After it finally started, Game 2 was only about macro: boring for fans of high-kill games action (especially as skirmishes failed to yield kills), but amazing for purists for its higher gameplay level. 

When the first big fight of the game came, it looked like it would be its last: T1 demolished DK in a team fight around Drake and picked up their third stack and Baron buff afterward. With their scaling composition and big advantage, the game should have been over at this point. 

But T1’s ability to throw a game nearly matched their ability to win it. T1 conceded a 4-for-1 and Baron Nashor to DK, and their 5k gold lead evaporated. From there, it was anyone’s game, and it took an unlikely turn of events to untangle it. 

For a moment, Canyon looked like the game’s MVP as he stole Elder drake, but Gumayusi’s Jinx lit the powder kegs up during the ensuing team fight. It came down to the wire, with T1 disregarding Baron Nashor in a cheeky “Baron for Base” trade at the 46-minute mark.