Faze Iem Cologne

Unless FaZe change something, this team won’t work

Put your pitchforks down, alright? Hear me out.

This FaZe team is laden with more talent than the Harlem Globetrotters, and this isn’t a critique of the players as individuals. Alright, maybe one of them, but that’s not the point.

ropz is brilliant – an exceptionally gifted aimer, an intelligent clutcher and one of the best lurkers in the world. broky is… not quite as good, but he’s a superb clutcher, and Twistzz is just incredible at pretty much everything.

But who is opening the rounds up for the great clutchers to close it?

karrigan and rain, the deathly duo

rain picked up a 44.7% entry duel winning rate, which isn’t great, but it’s better than karrigan’s 40.2%.

broky and ropz both want to wait ’til the round is over before anything happens, and you don’t really want to use Twistzz as cannon fodder. So uh, it’s up to karrigan and rain to get those players into a 3v3, or something. Which… statistically, is unlikely.

Neither of them can entry frag. karrigan can *entry*, but he can’t *entry frag*. rain is a touch better, but not much, and unless he reaches his form of a few years ago, this team will fall apart.

Doesn’t matter how good your round closers are if they’re 5v3 every round. Hell, if they’re 4v3 every round, they’re still not going to win that as consistently as you might imagine, or at least hope. 

rain picked up a 44.7% entry duel winning rate, which isn’t great, but it’s better than karrigan’s 40.2%. That’s… not good. You can have Twistzz follow in karrigan to sites and hope he trades 1 for 2 every round, but that doesn’t seem like a winning plan.

via ESL.

I’m sure their CT sides are going to be fire, though. As long as they don’t want to go aggressive anywhere, obviously.

ropz being added to the roster improves on the things they were already good at – and now they’re absolutely superb at late round situations! But it does nothing to address their biggest, most egregious flaw.

karrigan is a great IGL – so good he can carry karrigan’s ability as a player – but this is a headache that is near impossible to solve with painkillers. Sadly, it might be time for FaZe to say goodbye to rain.

Bit late now, though.

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