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A thieves end...

UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves collection PC release

After several releases of PlayStation-exclusive games on Steams platform, we are yet to see the most iconic PlayStation exclusive. A game from the Uncharted series, known as “UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves collection,” was released yesterday.

Experience high-speed pursuits through the low-land forests of Madagascar, or hunt for lost treasure within ancient caves on an unknown island. These are all the great aspects of Uncharted that the PC landscape has been missing, until now.

Is this just a cash grab, or will the game be as good as we remember? With the title adapting to the PC platform, we will obviously have some questions. Uncharted manages to engrave itself deeper into the history of PlayStation with every passing year, but this changes things.

A real thieves end

Huge amounts of playthrough time are coming from the brand new title due to the fact the game features both “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016)” and “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (2017).” Vast playthrough time for the price of one game, giving the players value for their money.

Only time will tell how successful the title is, as Uncharted remains close to the hearts of PlayStation players globally. But, it isn’t exactly clear how many people within the PC landscape would have any interest in buying such a title. To many, this will be new.

Jaw-dropping adventures come from both “The Lost Legacy” and “A Thief’s End.” Two magnificent games, both well entitled to a remaster, but PC is an odd choice platform to release onto. It’s almost as if PlayStation is praying all their lost customers are sitting waiting for them on their brand-new PCs.

Join Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan on one final adventure through more jungles, more explosions, and more senseless killing (you will regret it if you don’t). Surely it won’t bother any of you guys though, as this title will be epic, we hope, anyway!

Community reviews – one day into the release

The community is loving it, with Steam’s review status for the game being “Very positive” which is fantastic to see. This shows that perhaps Naughty Dog is, in fact, one of the best developers, considering how hard it is to make such a transition like this and get primarily positive feedback.

With comments such as “Sony, you keep bringing, we keep buying. Perfectly balanced as all things should be” and “Dear Sony, Do you like money? Do you like a *lot* of money? Then please release all your PS-exclusive games to PC. We will gladly pay the full price for every single one. Sincerely, Literally every PC gamer on the planet.”

If you have any questions about it before you buy, refer to the game’s steam page; sure enough, it will reassure you. We must remember how cutthroat old-school fans are; if they love it, we will love it.

Hopefully, PlayStation will continue to release a broad spectrum of exclusive games to the PC landscape more regularly. 2022 has been an incredibly dry year for games, but things start to be taking a turn for the best as we begin to enter 2023.