Credit: Virtus Pro

‘Unapologetic’ Virtus Pro kicks Pure for drawing “Pro Russia” War symbol

Talk about throwing someone under the bus.

Virtus Pro has terminated its contract with Pure after the latter got embroiled in a controversy supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Pure drew the symbol “Z”, in an official DPC match, signifying “Pro-Russia” support over its invasion of Ukraine.

As a consequence, amid heavy public outrage, Virtus Pro aka Outsiders were disqualified from the DPC EEU Tour 2 playoffs — a decision that cost them a potential ticket to the Stockholm Major.

Virtus Pro were visibly upset over the severity of the punishment and termed it as a “whole new precedent”.

Virtus Pro is supported by an Oligarch, having direct ties with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and hasn’t been vocal about raising a voice against the war.

Ever since the Russo-Ukraine war begun, Virtus Pro has been on the receiving end of heavy backlash from the community, a sentiment reflected from its “PR” statements over the past few weeks.

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