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UFOs return!

UFO, Boogie Bomb & more return in Fortnite No-Sweat Summer event

  • Fortnite No-Sweat Summer is returning!
  • Along with XP and challenges, items will be coming back to Fortnite for the first time.
  • Among those items are UFOs, Impulse Grenades, and more.

No-Sweat Summer is returning, this year, with some more rewards and unvaulted items to join the loot pool.

The event runs throughout July and August, giving players a chance to earn XP and limited-time cosmetics.

Another annual feature of No-Sweat Summer is the list of fun, unvaulted items that always come back. This time, according to data miners, we’ll be getting the UFO, Boogie Bomb, Crash Pad, and Impulse Grenade.

Fortnite No-Sweat Summer returns
Epic Games

No-Sweat Summer returning items

Such unvaulted items follow the tradition of lighthearted, fun-first weapons and items coming back to the game for a limited time.

Not everyone is a fan of the massively overpowered UFO, but it will only return for a week.

We don’t have word on when these will start coming back to Fortnite, but we’re expecting to see them any day now. We’re in the dog days of summer, after all.


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