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Listen up Riot

Tyler1 has great vision for LoL if devs ever get fired

Buckle up, a new message to the League of Legends balance team has landed from one of the biggest streamers. 

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp’s love-hate relationship with Riot Games’ balance team and the current state of League of Legends is nothing to be surprised about, but that doesn’t stop him from expressing it once again. 

On a recent stream, Tyler1 explained what he will do the day, if it were to come, that Riot Games lay off their whole balance team. It’s fair to say that it will be a celebration day for Tyler1 without an inch of grief.

Tyler1 has a plan if the LoL balance team gets the boot 

To start his rant off nice and easy like Tyler1 does it best, the popular streamer said that the balance and client behavior team at Riot Games “should be homeless,” implying his grudge towards how the game is being handled and balanced recently. 

Tyler1 continues by telling what he will do if Riot changed the whole balance team. 

“I promise, I will buy a ticket to California,” Tyler1 said. “I will get a lawn chair, confetti, signs, flags, and as they are carrying their boxes full of stablers and fucking tapers, pencils, and all this shit out to their car, I will be out there heckling them and cheering.”

Following that, Tyler1 ends the great story with a shout that only he can do and a few “good” words to send the viewers off. Warning, turn down the sound. 

Only a couple of weeks ago, Tyler1 hit the same topic on his stream where he said how he can’t stand the state of the game. More specifically, it was the large amount of healing that was, and still is, very strong in the meta. 

His recent comments just seem like another chapter in that book and confirm that Riot hasn’t changed the game in the direction Tyler1 wishes. Who knows, maybe it will happen soon – likely not though. 

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Tyler1 trashtalks Riot Games in front of thousands of viewers.”

Jaxon's Take

Maybe Riot should take in Tyler1 on an internship and see where the game goes? Could it turn out worse than right now?


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