Adriana Chechik has made the news after she sustained a gruesome back injury at TwitchCon, and as she underwent surgery for five hours.
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Down horrendous

TwitchCon chaos over cube that broke Adriana Chechik’s back

TwitchCon has been taking bodies left and right, with Zummers breaking her ankle in 3 ways and Adriana Chechik breaking her back in the foam pit.

With Chechik being an adult film star, there are bound to be some creeps finding a way to profit – or just be creepy – about the situation.

In fact, a legitimate fight broke out between a small YouTube streamer, One Sonic, and the person who was in possession of the cube that Chechik landed on.

How did Adriana Chechik break her back?

You can’t tell exactly what happened from the clip, but it looks like One Sonic was knocked to the ground – at the very least.


This altercation appears to stem from One Sonic’s expressed intention of selling the block on eBay – or, at least, keeping it for clout. He was a CX network hang-around, after all, and peddles in IRL streams where he has homeless people debase themselves for money.

One Sonic holds the L on this one and is lucky he only got roughed up a bit. The boys with the cosplay mace could have self-defensed him much harder than they did.

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