In a Twitch update broadcast on May 15, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy announced some guideline changes to emotes, specifically those that feature twerking.

During the stream, Clancy revealed that Twitch will make adjustments to emote requirements. He specifically addressed animated backsides, stating that Twitch would no longer remove them from the platform.

“We’re adjusting our approach and bringing our emote guidelines more in line with the rest of our community guidelines. So in particular, emotes that feature shaking butts, commonly referred to as twerking, are now permitted under our guidelines,” said Clancy.

The CEO said he’s been working with the team to make sure that the emote guidelines are in line with other content guidelines. Twitch will still prohibit emotes that depict hateful conduct and harassment, nudity, drugs, and violence.

New Twitch rules bring back twerking

In previous community guidelines, the former Twitch regime placed sweeping bans on a variety of things that Amazon found offensive. These included twerking and butt-shaking on camera. These policies also applied to emotes, including those featuring animated cartoon backsides.

In late 2023, Twitch adjusted guidelines for sexually suggestive content on the platform, including twerking. While many fan artists who wanted to showcase their creative process on stream without the risk of being banned were granted freedom by these new rules, other artists took things a step further. Some drew genitalia in front of large crowds, resulting in thumbnails of their images featured at the top of the art category.

These rules incidentally gave hot tub streamers a second wind, as the adjustments would allow them to be almost nude. Some wore black bars over their chest and genitals to get around the guidelines.

These new rules didn’t last as long as streamers hoped, as Twitch made further adjustments in early January. The goal of those changes was to clarify the rules for nudity and sexual themes.

The one thing that didn’t change in the Twitch guidelines was twerking. Now, streamers can legally twerk on Twitch as long as they are clothed. These rules also apply to emotes. Now that Clancy has announced these changes, streamers can bring their favorite butt shakers back to their channels for their communities to use.

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