Patch 12.14 Purret bug
Credit: Riot Games/Screenshot


Turret damage bugged in League of Legends on Patch 12.14

  • Content creator Vandril discovered a bug on 12.14 where turrets deal less damage than intended
  • The bug has already impacted pro play
  • There is no fix in sight as Riot released 12.15 patch notes

In today’s episode of “Riot, please fix your game,” we present to you a significant bug regarding turret damage in the game. On Patch 12.14, all turrets deal less damage than intended, which has already impacted pro play.

Popular League of Legends content creator Vandiril, who specializes in discovering bugs and other exploits in the game, revealed it on his Twitter.

According to Vandiril, turret shots damage increases only once instead of the intended three times. Due to the bug, the overall damage jumps to only 40% instead of 120%.

Turret bug has already impacted pro play

Vandiril stated that the bug has been present for at least eight days and has occurred in pro play. He provided evidence with screenshots from last week’s LPL matchup between Weibo Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix.

It is clear from the screenshots and the clip that WBG’s top laner Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok’s Fiora receives almost 300 less turret damage than it should have. However, no one was aware of the bug, and TheShy survived the potentially fatal solo turret dive, eventually winning the game.

It is likely that this bug occurred in other competitive matches too, and possibly impacted the outcome of some of them.

Turret bug 12.14
Screengrab by Vandiril

No fix in sight on Patch 12.15

12.14 was a massive Patch that was supposed to shape the Worlds meta. It appears that it could also directly impact who makes Worlds, as all major regions play their deciding matches of the regular season on this patch.
Riot released the 12.15 Patch notes that feature a dozen bug fixes. However, none of them addresses the Tower damage issue. Hopefully, Riot will get the bug fixed as soon as possible because it has the potential to have major implications on competitive League of Legends and you getting out of Silver 2.