TSM vs CLG could be the most exciting game of the season

Forget El Clasico.

Forget El Cashico. 

It's time for El For-the-love-of-all-that-is-sacred-please-don't-make-me-watch-these-teams.


These teams are absolute CHEEKS

Huni attempting to carry his botlane.

As you might be able to see from this week's video which will hopefully go up the day you're reading this, or perhaps this weekend, TSM are awful.

I personally picked out 10 different moments of TSM screwing up for that video, and some of them are completely unforgivable. The backdoor where you pile five up mid against a Baron'd up Viktor's waveclear? Horrendous. Keaiduo rowing it down at lightning speed? Terrible. Shenyi engaging as his backline disengages? Pretty Sigma, but also bad.

At least their owner isn't going to blow things up immediately. I'm sure he'll stay cool-headed about the whole thing.

Watching TSM is a genuine treat at the moment, for anyone who either doesn't like TSM fans, or... actually, never mind. That covers literally everyone. Even TSM fans don't really like TSM fans.

Seeing them go 0-4 is like watching Manchester United lose at home and finish 6th, or watching the Lakers lose in the playoffs. It's pure, unbridled joy, and one that cannot be missed at any opportunity.

The ONLY time I'm interested in seeing them potentially win, is... well.

CLG's fall from grace has been so prolonged that I think they might have been bad longer than they were ever anything else.

This team makes consistently bad decisions, and I don't mean in game. Well, I do, but that's not all. Their roster decisions are appalling, occasionally permeated by one or two good ones. Signing Finn was such a bizarrely good signing I can only assume it was an accident, and they were actually trying to sign hashinshin or something.

This team is one or two splits from actually opening up a discussion about relegation, and as far as I'm concerned, it cannot come quickly enough. Contractz looks misaligned with the rest of the team, Poome never stands out, Palafox looks scared to make a mistake and Jenkins looks like a Kennen one trick.

Largely because he is. At least Luger looks decent. Poor lad.

Look, maybe you prefer a game like G2 vs fnatic, where we get to see good League of Legends (boring), or amazing macro play (snoozeville), or even a superb comeback. Maybe your opinion is just wrong. 

The main problem with a good game is that you feel bad for the loser. For every win, there is a loss. Also, if fnatic get a lead, the game is probably going to end with fnatic still in a lead. Hylissang aside.

TSM vs CLG will give us so many mistakes, that the winner of the game won't even be decided by 45 minutes. A lead is as temporary as Hylissang's sanity while playing an engage support, and there'll be so many teamfights because the game will almost never end.

This comes with the added bonus that whoever loses, everyone will be happy, especially if both teams are 0-6 by then; a fate which seems destined, and yet also too good to be true. CLG are definitely going to lose to C9 and TL, and TSM play C9 and IMT. C9 play TSM on Sunday, and as we all know, that's when mass is, so it's all on Immortals.

Come on, boys.

The fact that I'm even excited by a game that isn't coming until next week should be proof enough that this game is the most exciting of the season - not a single LEC game would come close to as hype as TSM vs CLG with a looming 0-7 for one of them. Not a single BO5 playoff game, not a single Worlds final.

Please, Immortals. Do us all a solid.