TSM clap Team Liquid in second week of the LCS

  • Cloud9 grab first win in unconvincing fashion
  • Ssumday is the most chad Ornn
  • CLG vs FlyQuest was an unexpectedly interesting game

Get your chants ready.

TSM rolled over a lackluster Team Liquid in a bizarrely convincing win.

Tactical and Mia put in work as the botside of TSM outclassed Hans Sama and CoreJJ, including a 2v2 kill in lane. Yes, really. No, I’m not taking the piss.

Brother Bwipo

Bwipo took last pick in the draft and went for the hyper-aggressive Olaf into Huni’s Gnar – but got the sum total of sod all done in lane, and out of it.

With zero enchanters to back him up he was incredibly limited in teamfights, and Volibear/Olaf was outscaled after about 10 minutes. Which, on the durability patch, might not be a smart idea.

Just a thought.

Huni remained deathless as Mia hit a huge Renata Glasc ult in the game winning teamfight to hand TL a loss for the first time this split.

Which meant that by the time CLG played, they were the only unbeaten team left.

The chad Sona vs the virgin Yuumi… unless?

CLG have become famous for their draft quirks and adherence to LS’ tierlists, and it appeared to be the way to go. Despite the enemy Twitch/Yuumi getting first blood in a 2v2, Luger and Poome picked up a 2v2 kill of their own later on.

For reference, that was on Zeri/Sona, and their mid/jungle was Taliyah/Udyr. Cool draft.

The only issue is, Udyr cannot run into Twitch with a Yuumi after a while, and FlyQuest were able to collect Ocean Soul and second Baron – and even Sona as their own Ocean Soul wasn’t enough.

FlyQuest should be given a lot of credit; and Toucouille once more proved himself an excellent midlaner, and maybe a top two or three in the league.

An excellent engage from Josedeodo ended in a massive teamfight carry from the four item Twitch – go figure – as FlyQuest outscaled the Sona comp.

Cloud9 collected their first win in their debut with a full roster, but it was less than convincing.

Dignitas, who were also 0-3, were on the edge of winning for large portions of the game, not least when they avoided doing a Dig Baron.

But that only made it all the more embarrassing when Dignitas did lose it; Fudge hit late game Kayle, and Berserker started auto-ing people from about five screens away on Senna, and Dignitas were outscaled.

It was a win for Cloud9, but it wasn’t exactly the type of win that makes you think Worlds is a possibility.

Evil Geniuses smacked a flaccid Immortals who were barely even worth mentioning.

If you want to know how bad Revenge’s laning was, POE built Riftmaker on his Conqueror Orianna, and it barely even registered as a top five reason why the game went awry.

The one shining light was Lost, who picked up multiple impressive kills and actually looked like the ADC we were promised in the past.

While Bwipo’s inaction was disappointing, Licorice’s… action, was. He solokilled Ssumday’s Ornn at level four as Gnar, which sounds amazing.

And it was.

Until Ssumday TP’d in, solokilled him back and then did it again at level six. As Ornn, into Gnar.

That’s about how well that game went for Golden Guardians.

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Jaxon's Take

Olaf top without enchanters on your team is like playing Heimerdinger without turrets. What's wrong with Irelia?


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