TSM are back and other takeaways from this week’s LCS

One regular week of NA LCS. All I ask. Will never happen.

Peter Zhang was the problem

TSM might be out of the playoff race, but that won't stop them from finally showing what they're made of. 

Between Huni on his signature Rumble matching Summit to Tactical being the better ADC in the game, everything just went perfectly as the league's bottomfeeders suddenly became a wounded animal.

Hell, it was hard to pick a bad performance. 

Huni then picked Irelia against Immortals and slapped 'em around, while Tactical had another assured performance - which even led him to being named the player of the week.

Try explaining that to someone from like, two weeks ago.

Bwipo is uh, a problem. For both teams

Bwipo once more was given counterpick and this time on his Lucian absolutely blew Kumo away. He was monstrously fed by the mid game, and was diffing super hard against FlyQuest.

Then he started power inting. 

One of two deaths can happen, but a completely inexcusable death at the enemy inhibitor while splitting made sure that the FlyQuest comeback could happen.

Still, at least he smashed Jenkins to bits in the first game. Just please stop picking the Lucian. It's not good.

Golden Guardians might be decent (for real this time)

I have no idea if this team is good any more.

They smacked FlyQuest around as Ablazeolive diffed Toucouille and then Licorice solokilled FakeGod's Tryndamere with the Fiora counterpick.

So nice to see someone properly punish this Tryndamere blindpick.

While they don't look as good as Cloud9 or Team Liquid, with EG's struggles and 100T's inconsistencies, there's an opportunity for one of these teams to actually become the third or fourth best team.

What's most encouraging for this team is that being able to carry through mid and top gives them a new angle, a new threat outside of Pridestalkr.

They're probably not going to win against any international teams, but this team is legitimately... decent.