Tweet creates hype

Trombone Champ – Download the most hyped game of today

You must download Trombone Champ to be in on the latest hype. Trombone Champ has been called the Guitar Hero alternative for PC – it certainly shares similarities.

Trombone Champ went viral after a Twitter post by Netflix editor Jacob DeRose.

Trombone Champ – download on Steam

You can download Trombone Champ on Steam for 12,49€.

The game’s developer calls it the World’s first trombone rhythm music game. It differs from other games by allowing you to “freely play any not at any time”. 

The controls in Trombone Champ is pretty simple: A timeline with various dots (notes) turns up on your screen, just like in Guitar Hero. You must move your mouse up and down to adjust the slide and press/hold the mouse button to toot.

In Trombone Champ you get points on the number of notes you hit and the streaks of notes you hit in a row.

Trombone Champ is complicated to master, quickly making your interpretation of William Tell’s famous “Overture” sound inaudible. And that is hilarious.

In Trombone Champ, you have to hit the notes by move your mouse and click/hold mouse1.

Trombone Champ video leaves people in the giggles

The comments to the post about Trombone Champ immediately left people dead in laughter: 

“Being a former trombone player and former section leader, this cracked me up from laughter and pissed me off at the same time for all the wrong notes. Lol,” is the first comment to the post.

In Trombone Champ, you collect Tromboner Cards. They unlock new tromboners and new trombone colors

Other users on Twitter wrote:

“As a former trombone player, I laughed hysterically!” and “My sense of humor has completely deteriorated this is the funniest thing in the world”

Trombone Champ on Steam

Since the tweet that went viral on September 21t, Trombone Champ game has seen a huge increase in players, Steamcharts reveal.

In Trombone Champ you can play over 20 tracks – including anthems, marches, classical pieces, electronica, and folk classics. 

Trombone Champ has seen an increase in player since the tweet went viral