Gamba never dies

Trainwreckstv suggests Twitch gambling is here to stay

The Twitch gambling drama got swept under the rug relatively quickly after the Mizkif SA coverup situation broke.

Don’t forget, though, that Twitch changed its gambling policy in the wake of the Sliker scamming controversy, preventing users from streaming slots, blackjack, and a select few other casino games.

Despite the removal of the likes of slots and blackjack, sports gambling and poker remain allowed – prompting many streamers to cry “hypocrisy.” Draft Kings is a major sponsor of Thursday Night Football on Amazon, after all.

Twitch gambling will continue

Trainwreckstv is the face of Twitch gambling, for better or worse. He’s taken the news of the soft gambling ban in stride – showing much less frustration than some fans predicted.

On a recent stream, Train called out additional hypocrisy within the creator community, suggesting the likes of H3H3 and other gambling critics were only upset because they couldn’t “get a piece.”

Train went on to suggest that gambling streams aren’t going anywhere, which is understandable. Slots might not be allowed, but there are plenty of gambling avenues still available to streamers.

The gambling ban has yet to go into effect, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens when it does.