Credit: Trainwreckstv


Trainwreckstv reveals he received $360 million for 16 months of gambling

Gambling on Twitch has been under the microscope for a while, now, but recently got even more scrutinized after the Sliker scamming situation.

Sliker, a degenerate gambler, revealed that he has scammed his viewers and fellow streamers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In response, Twitch banned the online slot websites that many streamers use.

Trainwreckstv has been the face of Twitch gambling, along with the likes of xQc. He’s been outspoken about the hypocrisy of banning slots without banning all sponsored gambling streams.

Trainwreckstv gambling pay day

Everyone knew that streamers like Train, xQc, and Adin Ross were getting the bag from gambling companies like Stake, but no one knew exactly how much.

We knew that the number had to be high, though, since Train frequently boasts about losing millions while simultaneously donating sizeable sums to his community.

During a recent game of Overwatch with Mendo and Pokelawls, Trainwrecks finally revealed the precise number that he received for “16 months of gambling:” $360 million.

It’s hard to imagine that Train lost close to this much gambling, so it’s safe to say that he’s still playing with house money.

Although slots are gone, Train has made it clear that he plans to continue his sponsored gambling streams with sports betting and other, ToS-friendly gambling endeavors.