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Big savings, big talent

Top 5 Football Manager 2022 cheap Wonderkids

Every Football Manager 2022 player loves a cheap wonderkid. But even more, they love one that comes at a cheap price.

In years gone by, we’ve had Carlos Fierro, Lucas Romero, Eder Alvarez Balanta, but who are the best options for Football Manager 2022? Let’s take a look.

Adam Hlozek

Starting out our list, we have Sparta Prague’s 18-year-old, Adam Hlozek. Naturally a Striker or Left Winger, Hlozek is also equally adept at playing on the right side of a front three as well.

With high points of 14  Finishing, 17 Flair, and 16 for both Pace and Acceleration. Hlozek is the ideal player to add a bit of sting to your attack.

With a starting Current Ability of 129, Hlozek will be a great rotation for a Premier League team. With a 140-170 Potential Ability, he can grow into a star for any team in the world.

He should be available for around 6 Million at the start of any save. This is also your last chance to buy him. Bayer Leverkusen has just snapped him up in real life for 14 million Euros. That makes him even more of a bargain in-game!

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Anel Ahmedhodzic

Malmo’s Anel Ahmedhodzic is one of the best Defender Wonderkids on Football Manager 2022. Capable of being a Ball Playing Defender, or even a Wide Centre Back for you new-age tactical powerhouses out there. Ahmedhozic is a must-buy for any defensive strengthening.

At 6’5”, Ahmedhodzic is a giant, his 15 Jumping Reach and 14 Heading make him a master in the air. Something he’ll only get better at with his 165 Potential Ability.

He does start out on loan to Bordeaux, and they have an option to buy him. But if they don’t, he’s a player you need to get in your shopping basket. At 5m, he is an incredibly cheap wonderkid in Football Manager 2022.

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FC Girondins de Bordeaux


Like Hlozek, Santos’ Sandry has a Potential Ability range of 140-170. Also, like Hlozek, he typically reaches the upper end of that range.

A Deep-Lying Playmaker who starts out the game with 14 Passing, 14 Vision, and 15 Technique. Sandry can easily become the creative heart of your midfield if you develop him correctly.

He’s out for six months with damaged cruciate ligaments at the beginning of your save, but this won’t stop him from reaching his potential. Available for just 7m at that point, he’s a premium playmaker that doesn’t come at a premium.

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Santos FC


The second player from Santos to make this list, 16-year-old Angelo is Neymar reincarnate. The youngest player on this list, you’ll have to wait until he’s 18 for him to join your club thanks to a ruling in his home nation of Brazil. You’ll struggle to find a better AMR in the meantime.

Available for around 10m, he’s pricier than some of the other names on this list. His 14 Dribbling, 14 Acceleration, and 15 Flair promise you a tricky, little, left-footed Inverted Winger that will carry your team forward to new heights.

With a 150-180 Potential Ability, Angelo stands a chance of becoming one of the best Wingers in the world. At worst, he’ll be an Elite level player. He’s by far the best cheap wonderkid winger in Football Manager 2022.

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Santos FC

Youssoufa Moukoko

Okay, so this one comes with a bit of a caveat – you’ve got to get somewhat lucky to be able to sign him.

Borussia Dortmund’s 16-year-old Striker phenom is well known across the footballing world, but especially to Football Manager players, as he has been the best Striker Wonderkid for two years now. His 170-200 Potential Ability range is reserved for only special players like him.

At the start of any save he has 15 Dribbling, 15 Finishing, 16 Technique, Acceleration, and Agility – all attributes key to making him a real force. Although the biggest factor as to why Moukoko is so good is his 16 Determination, this is a player who knows he is destined for the top, you just have to make sure he’s on your team when you get there.

Now, about that caveat. Moukoko’s deal expires in June 2023, the second Summer of your franchise. Dortmund often leaves it too late to offer him a new deal, and you’ll be able to offer him a contract in January of 2023 to sign him for free.

You’ll have competition from just about everyone in the world, but it’s a deal you’d be foolish to not even try to complete.

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Borussia Dortmund

Where Can I Find Cheap Wonderkids?

While it might not work at the beginning of your save, you can find cheap wonderkids in Football Manager 22 by looking in the under-21 teams of smaller nations as soon as regens begin to load into the game.

Hungary, Croatia, and the Czech Republic, all of these are brilliant nations to scout.

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