Top 5 changes Epic have ever made to Fortnite

Epic Games have made a lot of additions to Fortnite over the years, some better than others.

The good thing is that for every BRUTE, there's at least one or two Reboot Van.

Here, in honor of the most recent Preferred Item Slot setting, we'll be recapping five of the best changes Epic have made to Fortnite.

5. Preferred Item Slot

We'll start with the newest addition to the game: Preferred Item Slot.

This is a setting that players have been requesting for years. Now, instead of fiddling with your inventory every game, you can loot your weapons and items and hop right into a fight.

Even though this is such a small setting, it's one of the best changes Epic have made to the game in a while. There's no downside.

Epic Games

4. Controller Reworks

We go from no downside to massive downside - depending on who you ask. Since the beginning of Fortnite, Epic have made several adjustments to controllers - some making them more effective, others making them the preferred input.

If you go back through the various patches, however, you'll realize that most of the changes Epic made to controller were positive.

Epic Games

First, they introduced Builder pro - an absolute game-changer for controller players.

When you combine this with the ability to freely reconfigure your controller keybinds, we saw a boom of pro controller players hit the scene.

You can say what you want about the balance of aim assist in Fortnite, but Epic have made some amazing changes that truly put controller and KBM on a relatively even playing field - something no other game has done.

Epic Games

3. Upgrade Benches

Part of the downside of any battle royale is RNG. You might get lucky, you might not.

Epic helped mitigate RNG by adding two features: the Upgrade Bench and 100% chest spawn rate.

The latter is now unfortunately out of the game. It would've been on this list had Epic not removed it.

Epic Games

Upgrade Benches - or the general ability to upgrade your kit - have been a constant ever since they were introduced.

I would have put this one higher if it weren't for the nerf they received in Season 7. They now cost an exorbitant amount of Gold and are basically unusable in comp.

Epic Games

2. Performance Mode

Performance Mode was another excellent addition to the game, but it unfortunately only benefits PC players.

This setting allows players on lower-end specs to get the most out of their hardware, pushing 120 FPS on even the most lackluster gaming setup.

Most pros rock Performance Mode all of the time, now, even though they have the best PCs in the world.

Say goodbye to frame drops, stutters, lag - all of the negatives of a BR. Anyone who takes Fortnite seriously needs to be using this setting. Even the storm gets brighter.

Epic Games

1. Reboot Vans

Dying and watching your friends play without you is the most frustrating part of a BR.

Back in the day, we'd all secretly hope that our squad team-wipes when you go down early-game.

Now, with the introduction of Reboot Vans, you can get back in the action.

I think it might be time to push this mechanic even further and allow more people to buy back their team - but this might be a controversial take.

Epic Games

Reboot Vans have been one of the best ideas Apex Legends ever had.

We all know Fortnite took this idea from Apex. Is that a bad thing? I say, no. A rising tide raises all ships.