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Top 3 affordable CSGO AWP skins for the broke boys

Unfortunately, we aren’t all blessed enough to burn $2,000 on a Dragon Lore. Hence, you have come here to find an affordable AWP skin to bring you great success within your CSGO matches.

These are the best AWP skins for under $30.

Just remember, skins don’t equal wins.

1. AWP Sun in Leo – $10

Sun In Leo

The AWP Sun in Leo is a flawless skin.

It’s cheap, sleek, and will bring heat to your matches.

And most importantly: This AWP skin is very affordable.

Now, as mentioned in previous articles, blue skins are typically cheap and quite common. So, it’s effortless to collaborate with other skins with this AWP at an affordable price. For example, a USP-S Blueprint.

Furthermore, nobody has this skin. Like literally no one. Most likely, in only one out of every one-hundred matches I play, somebody owns one.

2. AWP Redline – $25


Most people think this is a common skin, but realistically when was the last time you saw an AWP Redline in-game?

They are affordable and look very professional. The red and black collaboration can easily compliment any variation of skin; the perfect addition to a budget inventory.

The Redline is perfect for sticker combos on the scope. Fancy a Titan Holo on your brand new Redline’s scope? Go right ahead, and it’ll look awesome.

3. AWP Hyperbeast – $25

Hyper Beast

Feeling like you want to go old school? Then pick up an AWP Hyperbeast for your inventory.

Embrace nostalgia while you knock the heads off your enemies while enjoying your iconic yet affordable AWP skin.

Again, like all the others from this list, how many of these do you really see in-game anymore? Not many.

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