Chapter 3 Tilted Towers
Credit: Epic Games

Tilted Towers might be the most beloved POI in the history of Fortnite. It was a no-brainer for Epic to bring it back, which they did shortly after the beginning of Chapter 3.

The destruction of Tilted became a meme back in Chapter 1, where Epic teased the POI removal in many of the live events before it eventually fell.

Now, looking down the barrel of Chapter 3 Season 3, Tilted doesn’t look long for this world. Unlike previous seasons, I think it’s the real deal. My prediction is that Tilted will fall at the end of Season 2.

Some of the buildings in Tilted were hit by rockets earlier in the season. Now, the Blimp as fallen.

We haven’t seen this kind of destruction in other places on the map and Epic will need to add/remove POIs in the new season. All signs point to Tilted going bye-bye – at least, for now.

Then again, I could be an absolute sucker and be falling for the first round of another Chapter worth of Tilted Towers threats. We’ll see. 

To me, it seems more likely that Epic are really going for it. Pray for Tilted.

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