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You know the feeling?

TI8 runner-up wears wife’s headset as his gear breaks down

TI8 runner-up, Somnus, who currently plays for RNG spoke about borrowing his wife’s ‘pink’ headset and refusing to return it until he loses.

The TI8 runner-up caught the eye of the interviewers, after RNG’s win over EHOME in DPC China Division I Tour 3.

Noticeably, Somnus was seen wearing a ‘pink’ headset with cats ears — an odd but pleasant sighting to the eyes.

Upon being quizzed about the pink headset, Somnus was visibly smiling and provided a response.

He informed that it was his wife’s headset, which he had to borrow, as his gear (no pun intended) had broken down.

Somnus was further probed whether he would return the headset, to which he refused.

Photo: Perfect World stream/Twitch

Reason for refusing was due to the fact that he was “winning”.

He also mentioned that he would return it when he loses a game.

Good fun for spectators

Nonetheless, it was a fun interview to view as a spectator with everyone getting at least one good chuckle.

To the uninitiated, Somnus was a long standing member of PSG.LGD for few years, and also came close to winning TI8 with the Chinese org.

However, they fell one step short of getting their hands on the coveted Aegis of the Immortal, and lost in the grand finals against OG Esports.

The TI8 grand finals was a closely contested series that witnessed OG make an unbelievable lower bracket run and win their first ever TI.

They overcame the heavy favourites, PSG.LGD, touted by many to win the Dota 2’s crown jewel event.