Credit: ESL One Hamburg

TI3 Champs Alliance back to DPC WEU Division I next season

The International 3 Champions, Alliance, are back in business.

After a abysmal start to DPC WEU 2021/22 Division I Tour 1, Alliance found themselves relegated to Division II.

Owing to poor and lethargic performance in Tour 1, Alliance underwent a roster shuffle and slowly found their footing whilst playing in Division II.

Going back to the roots and reinventing their identities, under the guidance of Loda, Alliance were able to get their groove back.

The same groove reflected in their performance in DPC WEU Division II Tour 2 with a second place finish; enough to get promoted back to Division I.

Their only loss came against the Goonsquad, consisting of former Alliance players, namely, s4, Limmp and Handsken.

The roster of Goonsquad secured the first place in Division II and have been promoted to Division I alongside Alliance.