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TI11 ticket sales: Scalpers resale tickets for thrice the price

TI11 ticket sales have turned out to be a disaster.

No kidding.

Attending the crown jewel Dota 2 event, The International Dota 2 Championships 2022 (TI11), is every attendee’s dream.

A dream where a fan goes to cheer their favourite team, immerse themselves in the gaming spirit, and enjoy the event.

But that dream gets shattered, thanks to one scrupulous entity; scalpers.

Historically, securing tickets to an event like The International (TI11) is a pain. Seldom does the general audience win against the scalpers.

The chances of a genuine fan purchasing a ticket to TI through ethical means are always next to impossible.

Here the scalpers, with their algorithms and weird setups, conjure most of the tickets in one swoop to resale them at a higher price.

TI11 is no different.

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The scalpers are reselling the tickets for twice the original amount. They are reselling the grand finals ticket for thrice the price.

Spending SGD 1000 or SGD 1500 is not only burgeoning to a budding TI11 attendee but is also unfair.

Putting a dent in the pockets of fans and their budgets is a tale of sorrow anyone wouldn’t want to hear.

TI11 ticket sales
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The system needs to be changed.

The fans deserve better. The community deserves better. We are your real prize, Valve. Are you listening?

TI11 ticket sales are a disaster.

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