OG is off to a winning start on the first day of The International 2022 (TI11) Group Stage.

It was a fitting beginning for the Major champions who went up against the SEA behemoth BOOM Esports in their first-ever game at TI11.

The games were reminiscent of how impeccable OG are in their late-game decision-making, which allows them to spring back from an early game deficit.

OG is impressive in comeback mechanics

OG TI11 Group Stage
Photo by ESL

The story in both games was eerily familiar — OG springing back to life after being outplayed by BOOM Esports during the game’s early stages.

In both games of the TI11 Group Stage Day 1, OG found themselves on the back foot, courtesy of BOOM’s exemplary lane control and early roaming potential.

Buying time for their cores, especially Yuragi and bzm, OG delayed the game with their superior vision control and constant lane pushing.

OG punished BOOM’s unsolicited advances despite the latter securing a significant advantage in both games by obtaining the Aegis by killing Roshan.

BOOM’s lack of discipline cost them the series

The SEA giant was unable to withstand OG’s onslaught in the late game, thus exposing its weakness. Yopaj’s over-aggression after BOOM secured significant gold and experience gain, cost his team dearly, and in both games.

BOOM’s loss was OG’s gain as the latter was glad enough to utilize the former’s mistake to their advantage.

The difference between the two teams was evident — OG was disciplined and BOOM wasn’t.

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