Credit: Secret Twitter

The most anticipated series between OG and Team Secret, true to its name, lived up to the hype. Kudos to ODPixel and Fogged for such an amazing cast. Felt like the TI Grand Finals rather than the playoffs.

Game one had one thing in common; FIGHTS, FIGHTS and more FIGHTS. Action started from the get go and it was an absolute pleasure and a treat to watch. Secret’s Earthshaker – Morphling combo fared better than OG’s Ursa – IO combo, despite the competition being cut throat until the mid-game.

OG had the upper hand for a while but it was only a matter of time until Matumbaman got an Aghanim Scepter on Morphling and morphed into a monster along with Nisha’s Ember Spirit. 

TLDR; 78 kills in 40 mins sums up the game pretty well. It will be an injustice to even pen down the events of this game, for there are one too many. Secret wins game one!

If game one was exciting, then game two was a complete STOMP. YES, A STOMP! Seemed as if Secret were high on adrenaline (or something else perhaps.. who knows) and gave OG a taste of their own medicine; AGGRESSIVE DOTO! 

Nisha’s beastly performance on Tinker was a marvel to witness, while Matumbaman’s Ursa was a sight to behold. Yapzor’s Shackle shots were a treat to enjoy while Zai’s Magnus and Puppey’s Enchantress were a force OG just didn’t have an answer to.

TLDR; 27 mins 27k gold lead, 47 kills. What else do you need?

Just go and watch it now, and over and over again. Satiate your hunger pangs!

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