TI10: LGD battle Secret in a Christmas styled way

Little Red Riding Hood was a treat to watch. Oh wait, what am I even talking about?!? Ahh yes, I’m talking about Ame’s Tiny transformed into a disco dancing wolf, courtesy of PSG.LGD’s Lycan pick on Faith_bian.

0/0/0 was Ame’s score until 25 minutes but with only about 350 creep kills. Talk about a buffed stone giant eh? Two-hit heroes, one-hit ancient creeps in wolf form, tearing apart Secret roster piece by piece including a Dragon Knight -- one of the tankiest heroes in the game.

Leaving Ame alone to free farm and the charismatic carry holding his own in front of a Winter Wyvern and Magnus lane, LGD sailed through Secret’s defence and offense as the latter crumbled and crawled, just as the wolf ate them all.

Don’t forget to watch the moment of Ame killing WW in 1 hit, DK in 3 hits and Weaver in 4 hits.

Mind blowing!

Game two started off well especially for Team Secret with both sides trading even until 25 minutes. Secret went for a better draft execution and unlike the previous game they didn’t give Ame much space to farm freely.

Going for a Gyrocopter-Ursa-IO combo combined with Beastmaster and Windrunner, Secret opted for a heavy push styled draft compared to LGD’s late game oriented draft. Make no mistake, the game was dead even until the end and it all came down to the team that displayed patience and resilience.

The decisive moment of the game, however, was when Secret got the upper hand near the Roshan pit where LGD got caught off-guard and had to buyback on their core heroes with the Aegis going to Secret.

Puppey and co. capitalized on this opportunity and got top mega shortly after, thus gaining a considerable lead.

You thought Secret would win because they had a 12k lead right? Think again.

TLDR; 50 minutes and 4 Roshan kills later PSG.LGD finally manage to break the ceasefire and advance to the Grand Finals of TI10 with Secret being knocked to the lower bracket.