Credit: Valve | Dota 2

TI10: Invictus Gaming dismantle Team Spirit

The International 10 Main Event Day 1 kicked off between Invictus Gaming and Team Spirit. The two regions clashed in an attempt to establish supremacy and gave the audiences many wow moments.

The first game started on an even note with both teams keeping up with the pace and regularly trading blows. However, Team Spirit’s weakness in handling Invictus Gaming’s onslaught was clearly visible when the former was still on the backfoot despite having the first Aegis on their carry - Morphling.

IG ramped up the aggression with their cores killing off Team Spirit’s backlines with ease that caused an imbalance with some cheeky manoeuvres from IG’s Kaka with his close escapades.

At one point, IG were in lead with a decent 11K in terms of gold and xp, and just when it seemed all was over, Team Spirit displayed some grit and caught the Chinese team completely off-guard with a RAMPAGE on Yatoro’s Morphling.

That one RAMPAGE led to a lopsided victory for the CIS squad as they rushed to end the game shortly after. An unbelievable comeback you say? YES!

Second game sees a slightly different draft with Team Spirit opting for Chaos Knight and Shadow Fiend as their cores against IG’s traditional draft with a Morphling - Ember Spirit core. Despite having a stronger laning stage, Team Spirit were unable to fully capitalize their momentum mid-game onwards while IG quietly bided their time.

The game was neck-to-neck until 30 minutes after which IG started their aggressive maneuvers and kept slicing Spirit away piece by piece. However, after 4 Roshan’s, the Chinese were successful in breaking the CIS team’s defence and marched their way to tieing the series.

Game three, however, was a stomp - in every way. Invictus Gaming played in an absolutely dominant fashion and ruthlessly beat Team Spirit to a pulp. The difference towards the end of the game was north of 40 kills and 30k in gold and xp. Emo and flyfly were beyond godlike on Storm Spirit and Spectre respectively and Spirit had no answer in return.

IG send TS down to the lower bracket while solidifying themselves a guaranteed Top 6 rank at TI10.