Credit: WePlay AniMajor

TI10 Day 2 Summary: Secret break PSG.LGD’s unbeaten record

The International 10 groupstage Day 2 started off with an exciting series between two behemoths; Team Secret vs PSG.LGD, which by far lived up to the hype. Here’s how various teams fared today:

Team Secret

Secret started off their series against fan favourites, PSG.LGD, and was hands down the most interesting series of the tournament so far. Puppey and his minions engaged in an enthralling battle against the Chinese in a series that kept everyone glued to their screens. Secret pummeled PSG.LGD and ended their unbeaten run in the groupstage by handing the latter their first defeat even though the series ended in a tie.


The heavy favourites going into TI10 had a rough start to their series against Secret in a close knitted competition which they ultimately lost. However, they bounced back in the second game with a Tinker pick on NothingToSay and tied the series against Secret convincingly thus getting back on track.

SG Esports

The South American squad made quick work of Fnatic in their series. Both games were very much one sided until Fnatic almost made a smacking comeback in game two, partly owing to SG Esports giving away the game, and partly due to Fnatic’s penchant to emerge victorious in long drawn out games. However, the game was won on mistakes, and the men in Orange and Black committed more of them thus giving the SA team their first series win.