TI10 Day 1 Round-up: PSG.LGD remain undefeated, IG-OG-VP tied at 1st place

If Day 1 is any indication then The International 10 is showing all the signs of new storylines being developed.

Majority of the games were a clean 2:0 sweep with PSG.LGD establishing a strong foothold on Day 1 of the groupstage with an unbeaten record in Group B.

Overall the Chinese teams are off to a great start with the only exception being Team Aster - playing with a standin - losing all their games.

Among the SEA teams, Fnatic stood out particularly well, holding their own against Elephant and Vici Gaming - two of the strongest teams coming into TI10. The men in Orange and Black were able to secure a tie against both these behemoths in a thrilling set of series with some incredible comebacks and insane plays from Chyuan, Raven and DJ.

Team Secret started off on a good note against Team Spirit but looked completely clueless against beastcoast. Spirit, Quincy Crew and SG Esports didn't manage to register a single victory and will need to bring their A-game on Day 2.

Team Secret

On the other hand, Group A looked particularly intriguing.

Invictus Gaming, OG Esports and Virtus Pro are all tied for the 1st place with a 5-1 score.

While it was expected from IG and VP to perform well given their successful DPC run, it was OG - the defending TI champions - that shined out bright.

OG were in an element of their own and as is tradition, they brought their A-game at the grandest stage of them all; The International Dota 2 Championships.

OG and VP's series is a must watch, as you'll witness VP throwing away a substantial lead in game one to OG and then later on emerging strong to draw out the series in game two.

Evil Geniuses are also off to a decent start with their only loss coming against Invictus Gaming.

Surprisingly, Team Undying is seeming to hold its own while Alliance, T1, Team Aster and Thunder Predator have thoroughly disappointed.