While other groups were full of surprises, Group C saw little in the way of deviation from the norm – but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get to learn a few things along the way.

Boy do EG need a new roster

NA CS is an a complete f*cking mess, and EG are no different. The uninspired dregs of a once-great bastion of the region limps along with MICHU, a guy who sadly appears to only join teams on a downward spiral.

Alright, they had a stand-in, but it was for an IGL who was replaced with a near-equal in terms of reputation and ability to lead a team. daps is a worse player than stanislaw, but not by *that* much, and EG winning just one map from eleven tries is not good.

The problem is, who on earth do you even pick up? Bad News Bears had similar struggles, Liquid won’t give you any of their players – your only choice is South American, or European players to augment this roster. That said, Brehze appears to have lost the spark that made him one of the most dangerous players on the planet, and this whole roster just seems so… lifeless.

Poor lad.

frozen is a legitimate superstar

I mean, yeah, we kind of all knew it, but frozen is just a nasty, nasty gamer. ropz is the gem in mousesports’ crown, but frozen has taken his mantle as the coolest player on mousesports.

His ability in the late round is astounding for a young player – showing the maturity of a veteran, with the ability of a Gen Z gamer. ropz clearly taught him a thing or two, and he’s been absolutely revolting at Pro League so far, and pretty much the only reason mouz were able to steal 2nd place.

It’s not exactly a surprise, but he’s definitely made the leap in the last year to legit monster.

UKCS is back?

Back is an interesting word to choose, given it’s basically never been good, but ALEX and mezii are dragging England back to its rightful spot. That rightful spot being a heroic failure in the playoffs, like England always do.

I’m not bitter, I promise.

mezii has been a revelation – an oft-unfairly maligned player on Cloud9, he’s showing himself to be a hidden gem, drawing level with Brollan as fnatic’s highest rated player, and ALEX has led a team that was in free-fall to third place, which is incredibly commendable.

Turns out he doesn’t need ZywOo to be good.

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