You know the drill – three things you missed if you didn’t watch Group B, or in fact, things you knew that you already forgot, because it was ages ago.

Or something.

Sinners aren’t actually good, G2 are actually bad

Game one from Sinners looked incredibly promising, as the Czech boys completed an incredibly impressive win over top 10 team G2.

What a win – these boys have come out of nowhere to be a real threat at this leve- oh, they finished 1-4. Erm.

Don’t get me wrong; Sinners are decent, but they’re not able to really take any scalps at the tier one level consistently. Instead, what we saw was a horrendous performance from G2, who despite NiKo somehow putting up a 1.19 rating, won zero series.

He’s either cursed, or somehow Space Jams his teammates.

Pictured: NiKo and his four teammates

OG are looking hot and ready to disappoint

Aside from being my Tinder bio, hot and ready to disappoint is OG’s modus operandi. They breezed through a tough looking group, only dropping maps to Sinners and forZe, bizarrely, and move on to face NiP on Thursday.

OG fans will know, though, that pride comes before a fall, and this always seems to happen to OG. I’m not saying they’re definitely going to choke, but… history suggests they will.

Still. What a group stage performance. That’s where legends are born.

xsepower was the training weights for forZe

“Why are forZe letting xsepower go? He was their best player?” – you, probably.

forZe replaced xsepower with zorte, who has been an absolute revelation as forZe cooked Group B and picked up four wins from five. FL1T appeared to transform his normal reliable self into a chad, aggressive monster, and his duet with zorte tore the house down.

Quite where the CIS region keeps finding these AWPers from is beyond me, mind. zorte is about the sixth best AWPer in the region, and he’s still an absolute monster – if he were in a weaker region, he’d be on one of the best teams in said region.

Though, with forZe’s performance, you can probably argue he already is.