Shenyi was front and center of TSM's recent communication fiasco involving its roster changes.


This TSM drama is the best news LCS has had in years

Does anyone care about LCS any more?

That’s a rhetorical question. Co-streamers still do. But almost nobody else; viewership is down, and TSM’s fanbase dwindling due to both in-server and out-of-server roster issues isn’t helping.

Doublelift retired, Bjergsen is mediocre nowadays, Sneaky is cosplaying as Amouranth for some reason, Meteos is a streamer. Even Huni has stepped away now.

Jojopyun is interesting and Danny is the new American hope, but that’s about it.

We all needed a reason to tune in to the LCS.

Hate watchers count as watchers

While TSM’s fanbase has died off in a lot of ways, it’s given even more people than before a reason to hate TSM.

Reginald is a prick, and always has been, but now it’s proven beyond doubt. We can hate watch TSM without any feeling of remorse; not that we weren’t already.

LCS needs viewership. The league is dying, especially when EG, TL or C9 aren’t playing. Even C9 are barely worth watching any more.

With a bit of luck, TSM will bring a whole new bunch of viewers and all of the old TSM fans join forces to cheer on whoever they’re playing.

Would you rather sweat it out in toplane or hug this lil’ guy?

We hear a lot about how the LCS needs personalities.

Jojo is trying to be the big bad villain, but we’ve got five new villains to cheer against.

Every great story needs a great villain, but TSM are not a great villain. They are a desolate, lifeless husk of a once-decent evil corporation.

They were once EA, and now they’re Ubisoft. Falling off, unable to put out a great game and roundly and deservedly despised.

Not only that, but this gives the opportunity for LCS players to be new heroes. 1v9 against TSM, rip off your shirt to reveal a message that says “Reginald blue card KEKW”, you’re an instant hero.

You’d get fined, but I’m sure Reddit would help pay that off for you.

TSM are once more taking the role of a villain, but this one is a weak, punching bag, whipping boy villain. A happy ending to a dying tale, and the birth of new stories.

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