This might be FURIA’s best shot at winning a Major

FURIA have been on the edge of greatness for far too long.

Their initial rise was stratospheric, but since then they have plateaued and rarely gone above the fifth best team in the world.

They’ve always been a threat to actually great teams, without being one of the true greats for any sustained period of time; be that because of issues within the roster, bad form or inconsistency.

Those inconsistencies might just go away with saffee, who though he is yet to become fully accustomed, is a consistent, calm and cool head to counter-balance the Samba mentality, jogo bonito style of arT and his buddies.

Best of the rest

While FaZe are head and shoulders above the pack right now, FURIA look like they might just be the second. 

NaVi are stuttering, G2 are… Spursy, and the others don’t seem capable of living with FURIA at this moment in time.

In fact, as FaZe steamrolled through Pro League, FURIA were the only team who really seemed to have them on the ropes; though the Brazilians might’ve choked, you have to get into a winning position to do so.

Though, to be fair, G2 have done that too.

For FURIA to win a Major, the stars must align; and not just metaphorically, either. KSCERATO, yuurih and arT all need to be on top form; but KSCERATO seems to have ascended to R9-hood so far this year. The headshot helicopter has been crushing the competition and looks like one of the finest in the world. Even with saffee’s amble into tier one, and arT’s… arTing, KSCERATO is dragging FURIA through events.

Do it for Brazil – via PGL

The other top teams are in a transition period, in sketchy form or don’t have the firepower to stop FaZe or FURIA.

FaZe will knock out a bunch of good teams en route to the final, and should FURIA be on the opposite side of the bracket, it’s hard to pick a single team who you would have faith in toppling the Brazilians.

Stockholm was NaVi’s all over, and FURIA were not looking fantastic going into it – and due to the nature of how things have been going for the past few years, that was FURIA’s only shot at a Major so far.

It’s hard to believe that FURIA are going to get better, and the other good teams are going to be in a state of flux like they are right now.

Only FaZe – and their own inconsistencies – can stop FURIA in Antwerp. Time to bring Counter-Strike back home to Brazil. is a leading hub for all things esports and competitive gaming. From Counter-Strike to Valorant, from League of Legends to Dota 2, it's all covered, along with the community news that matters most to gamers.