Mirage mid smoke

No Mid 4 U

This mid smoke on Mirage can shut down CS2 AWPers

In Counter-Strike 2, countering the T side AWPer towards Mirage mid is a tall order. But what if there was a way to ruin the enemy’s spawn? You’ll need to learn a quick smoke for Mirage’s T side mid for that. 

Mirage is a heavily spawn-based map, especially for AWPers on both teams. On the T side, sniper specialists with a close spawn often rush toward mid in the first few seconds of the game. If they reach their position in time, the CT side AWPer in mid window is as good as dead. The top mid position in the CS2 map Mirage is overpowered and often impossible to counter. 

But a CS2 player has discovered an antidote to deal with the pesky snipers on top mid. This T side mid smoke on Mirage is new, viable, and easy to learn. 

How to do T-side mid smoke on Mirage

This mid smoke on Mirage begins from the CT base to ensure that it blooms a few seconds before the AWPer arrives. 

Executing the CT-side mid smoke on Mirage requires precision and perfect timing. The player closest to the CT stairs should be the one to execute this lineup, saving valuable time and giving your team a crucial head start. Next, make sure you purchase the smoke during the buy time. Then, run towards the wall near the stairs and stand a few steps away, as demonstrated in the video posted by Reddit user Nope_cs. Place your crosshair at the bottom left of the window on the building to your front. 

Press the jump key and release the smoke key simultaneously or use a jumpbind. The smoke will land in the middle of the top-mid, obstructing all Ts. While this is a highly effective smoke, it’s not foolproof. For instance, the smoke will be ineffective if players are even a second late. Additionally, if the Ts are bold enough, they can always traverse behind the smoke. You can counter this by spamming the smoke with your AWP. 

Mirage mid smoke lineup

It’s also worth noting that this smoke can only be used in a full stack setting. For example, if you’re an AWPer spawned closer to the mid, you can’t walk all the way to the lineup wall, toss the smoke, and still make it to the vent in time. For this reason, you must be in a team setting to pass the smoke to the person closest to the first lineup.

Kenneth Williams is an experienced esports journalist with an affinity for Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2. Starting as a commentator, Kenneth moved on to writing for a variety of publications including WIN.gg, esports.gg, and Dexerto. He loves bouncing between the rush of a new competitive release and honing his skills in games as old as he is. When not writing, he tries to find time for fighting game tournaments and Dota 2 draft leagues.