Credit: Jaxon

Money makes the world go round

This is what a booth at Gamescom costs

With Gamescom kicking off today, tens of thousands of visitors will flock to the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. Spread out over the convention center, the most relevant publishers, hardware, equipment, and technology companies exhibit their newest products.

For these companies, Gamescom is the perfect moment to showcase what they’ve been working on. Both to the visitors and their competition.

Having an area at events like Gamescom is a prestigious thing: You have to be bigger and better than the competition.

But at what cost does being part of the biggest game convention come?

Goat Simulator 3 at display at Gamescom 2022. Photo: Jaxon

Gamescom’s pitch deck offers somewhat of an inside into the cost. It lists the rent you have to pay for different types of areas.

Looking at the size of some of the larger booths at the event, becomes apparent that some of the companies are paying tens of thousands of euros.

Renting an average size area costs several thousands of Euros. On top of that, a fee for electricity and general costs has to be paid.

Add to this the cost of creating the stages, paying the people working at the event, and shipping gear across the world, and you’re looking at a hefty cost.

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