Fortnite Season X, which may have been the most divisive season ever released, turns three years old today.

On the one hand, casual players loved the chaotic and adaptive nature of the season. On the other, this was the season that lost a lot of the hardcore player base.

At the time, Season X was a huge departure from normal Fortnite. It was the culmination of all of the previous seasons put into one, something that Fortnite had never done before.

What Fortnite Season X did right

Fortnite Season X may have been the greatest plot-driven season in the history of the game.

This was the first time we were introduced to “The Seven” and “The Loop.” Unfortunately, it seems like some of these plot threads were put on ice.

Even the returning locations were exciting, this season. We finally came back to places like Dusty Depot years after it was destroyed.

Of course, this all culminated with The End event – arguably the best story-driven event that Fortnite has ever hosted.

Season X represented answers – at the time. Some of these answers have since been erased and replaced with more questions.

The BRUTE in the room

The BRUTE is the most overpowered vehicle ever added to Fortnite. It was to the point where, if you didn’t have a BRUTE, you were guaranteed to lose.

Sure, bad players were able to increase their K/D with the mech, but it was abysmal for the health of the game.

Epic, eventually, nerfed the BRUTE. And – to be fair – I can’t imagine that it would be as OP on the Chapter 2 or 3 map because of the elevation changes.

In Season X, it was oppressive. And it ruined the game for a lot of people – including me. I didn’t play Fortnite for the bulk of Season X because I was sick of the BRUTE.

Interestingly, the most chaotic Fortnite season transitioned to the tamest season – Season X into Chapter 2 Season 1. We lost all of the crazy bells and whistles and were left with plain, vanilla Fortnite for the better part of a year.

Now, Fortnite Season X doesn’t seem so wild in comparison to the present-day Fortnite. Mechs were busted, sure, but Epic have continued along the Season X path since its release.

Modern Fortnite seems more like Season X than most of the previous seasons. We’re still getting whacky items that change the way we play. Epic powered through the negative feedback and continued along the path.

In my opinion, it’s paid off.

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