We’ve seen a laundry list of crossovers in the past 3+ years that Fortnite has been out, but one crossover started it all: Fortnite X Infinity War.

Three years ago, on March 8, 2018, Epic Games brought Thanos to the map in the first-ever Fortnite crossover. More than two years later, this partnership with Disney and Marvel transformed into an entire season based on the characters.

Epic was still learning the ropes at this point. They had added a few LTMs to the game, but isolate the Infinity Gauntlet to its own mode. While it was fun to run around as Thanos and get Victory Royales, it took away from the core game experience.

For those who don’t know, the Infinity Gauntlet fell from the sky at the start of every match. Multiple players would float in the sky and wait for it to fall, leading to a bloodbath in the first spawn location of the Gauntlet.

It was a simpler time for Fortnite. If something like this came out in core Fortnite modes today, the community would be up in arms.

It’s now been exactly three years since the Infinity Gauntlet mode came to Fortnite. Looking back, this kicked off some of the biggest crossover events in all of gaming.

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