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This day in Fortnite history: Chapter 2 Season 6 released

As we sit on the cusp of Chapter 3 Season 2, we bid farewell to one of the best seasons Fortnite has ever had.

At the same time, we pour one out for one of the worst seasons Fortnite ever had: Chapter 2 Season 6, which was released exactly one year ago.

Once in a while, Fortnite will try to do too much. That's what we had in this season - probably my least-played Fortnite season of all time.


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Remembering the bad times

You know the term, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" Well, Epic seem to be the kings of fixing what isn't broken.

That's what we had, this season. The idea was to add new weapons and a crafting system that allowed players to choose the exact loadout they wanted.

It worked, in theory, but the practical application meant players had two choices: fight with sub-optimal weapons or spend another 10 minutes searching for the materials they needed to craft a pump.

In a game that already requires a level of preparation to fight another player, this new mechanic slowed things down to a halt.

Fortunately, Epic all but scrapped the crafting system in Season 7. Sometimes, experiments fail. To their credit, they were trying something new.

Epic Games

The season wasn't all bad. It was the first time that we got the Mythic rarity, so we have C2S6 to thank for the Spider Man Web Shooters.

This was also the first time that animals entered Fortnite. Raptors might be the most annoying NPC Fortnite has ever had, but at least we eventually got Klombo out of it.

Not many people liked Season 6, but it set the groundwork for some of the things we eventually came to love.

Bad season, but worth remembering - especially during the second Golden Age we're now experiencing.