This day in Fortnite history: Chapter 1 Season 3 launched

It's crazy to think that one of the most popular seasons in Fortnite history was four whole years ago. A freshman in high school is now applying to college in Chapter 3.

Season 3 was a significant step forward after a relatively tame Battle Pass in Season 2. Epic began to experiment with the format this season, but it was still incredibly basic compared to what we have now.

This was the era of John Wick and the Rust Lord. Rust Lords taking the L became a meme all over social media - the toxic emote also entered the game this season.

For many people, Season 3 introduced the beginning of Fortnite's peak, which lasted for almost two years after the season's release date.


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Introducing the Fortnite lore

The most important step Fortnite took in Season 3 was bringing a storyline into the game.

Players began to notice a bright blue mark in the sky, slowly getting closer to the island.

Of course, as we all now know, this was The Visitor's comet - something we'd explore a lot deeper in Season 4.

Epic Games

The "OG" meta

Season 3 is what a lot of players think of as the "OG" meta. This was long before most people knew how to build well, but Epic picked up the pace with new releases.

We got updates almost every week, this season. Some of the new weapons included the Hand Cannon, Hunting Rifle, Loot Llama, Guided Missile, Port-A-Forte, Clinger, LMG, and many more.

This was also the heyday of the Double Pump. Anyone who mastered the tactic had a huge advantage, and still look back on this season with fond memories.

Epic Games

We may never get that feeling back of dropping into Fortnite Season 3 for the first time. This was, truly, some of my fondest memories as a gamer.

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.