Credit: Epic Games

There are still too many sweats in Fortnite: now remove guns

Fortnite made waves at the beginning of Season 3 when they made the controversial decision to remove building for 10 days.

By the end, it was clear that they made the right decision. Players and streamers came flooding back to Fortnite, boosting the numbers by finally inviting casual players back.

No-build Fortnite is now here to stay, but this isn’t enough. There are still too many sweaty players beaming people with scoped rifles and SMGs.

Epic needs to remove guns from Fortnite if they want to save the game.

Epic Games

You might tell me that building is a fundamental element of Fortnite, and I’d argue that building is just as – if not even more – important than shooting in Fortnite.

Building was what made everyone fall in love with Fortnite in the first place. Sure, I still cream my pants every time I hear the OG Scar sound, but shooting was secondary as soon as players learned how to build.

Even though Epic lowered the skill gap when they removed building, it’s still far too high. I mean, getting shot and dying? That’s not an experience that most gamers like.

Am I supposed to spend hours practicing my aim, awareness, and positioning? Who has time for all of that? 

Eventually, as players lose game after game to sweats with more Aim Lab hours, they’ll begin to leave Fortnite again. The only solution is to remove guns.

Epic Games

It might be surprising to learn that Fortnite has removed guns in the past. Disco Domination, anyone? 

With no weapons, we can loot healing items and fish all game until the final storm closes. At that point, let the best person win.

We all deserve the feeling of getting a win in Fortnite. Epic needs to take the next logical step and remove guns.

They’re too violent and only enable the best players to win – a recipe for a dying game.