The worst thing for fnatic is that the fixes are not obvious

What the hell just happened to fnatic?

They went from looking like the best team in the LEC to losing six games in a row with almost no foreshadowing. Unless you count scrims, Perkz' interview, G2 players...

But seriously; there was little to suggest that ON STAGE, this implosion was inbound. Hyli has always been up-and-down, but it seemed that with Upset he'd finally hit a vein of consistent top form. But in the playoffs, he was a complete disaster.

Complete capitulation

It went from 100 to 0 incredibly quickly, and that makes everything so much more difficult to diagnose.

Who was the issue? What was the issue? Nobody can really be sure.

When MAD Lions lost at Worlds because Orome got bodied, the upgrade they needed became clear. When G2 lost to Caps' fnatic, they knew who they needed. 

What do fnatic need? The had arguably the best player in three of the roles during regular season, with Wunder and Razork both well-respected and extremely talented players. The issue doesn't appear to be the level of the players, and yet, so much went wrong that something has to change.

If they run it back without changes, those memories will plague them as soon as playoffs begin. 

"I'm the new Rekkles - I fall apart when I see the G2 logo."

It's not even just a gameplay issue. Their drafting was at times bizarre, and the insistence on first picking a Twisted Fate that was getting nothing done epitomised the complete head loss they suffered. A complete loss of composure, of everything that made them good - it's not just a gameplay issue.

Perhaps it's hyperbolic. They did, after all, win two games against Rogue, and beat G2 the first time around.

But to be the best team in Europe - which is obviously the goal - they need to upgrade in some sense.

Do they need a better coach? Is Razork really the biggest issue?

Their solo-laners were dying to obvious ganks, holding Flash or ultimate when they should use it, messing up gank set-ups and getting pushed in. What is Razork meant to do when Humanoid is dying to the jungler he literally sees on a ward?

We know that Humanoid can be superb, and wasn't a choker on MAD. We know that Hyli and Upset can be devastating. We know what Wunder's ceiling looks like. Why did they choke this time?

None of the answers are clear, and that makes fnatic's job so much harder. How can you fix something that has collapsed in on itself?

F*** it, just bring Adam back and make him play with Upset. At least your YouTube content would rake in the cash.