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The worst CSGO investment ever recorded

Publish Date: 06/01/2022

Now, this is the story of someone who spent over a million dollars on CSGO skins in less than three months and made arguably the worst CSGO investment ever. Known to the CSGO community as Lunar, this is the story of his tarnish.

Lunar’s first introduction to the community was on June 21st, 2021. He informed the CSGO community he was a Russian trader looking to invest and collect CSGO items while in the process showing us part of his collection in the tweet.

He was clearly trying to buy fame, but nevertheless, what difference is that to most millionaire collectors?

Nobody likes a show-off

Lunar decided to build his appearance and was actually suggested to use Twitter by another large trader to promote himself. He chose to flex all of his CSGO items, with his collection being worth hundreds of thousands right from the get-go.

This is fair enough, not hurting anyone, and is no different from other collectors, as mentioned. To us, we just saw another millionaire beginning to build his collection, and it was well…  Exciting.

Although we have only just begun the story, we are already foreshadowing the end!

On June 26th, Lunar decided he wanted to invest in the holy grail of CS, Katowice 2014 stickers. He tweeted out a request to the CS community, listing his desired stickers, which of course, people had the ability to supply.

Lunar managed to buy some Katowice 2014 stickers, as he requested. By the end of the day, Lunar had already bought up EIGHT Titan Holos for $60,000 each! This transaction was made possible by the well-known CS figurehead “MitaoCat.”

Money makes more money

By July 1st, Lunar had obtained a total of thirteen Titan Holos, which meant the investment was worth approximately $780,000, just on Titan Holos. It’s important not to forget that his other playing skins were worth thousands.

Lunar was writing the history books of modern-day CSGO investing.

Now, this investment may seem awful to those who don’t understand. But it’s not. At all.

These are the most desirable and iconic stickers in the game, and at the time, only fifty unapplied stickers were remaining in the whole of CSGO, and Lunar had thirteen of these.

So, these stickers have gone from pennies to $60,000, so is it foolish to say they can’t reach $100,000? I don’t think so.

After this short but explosive outburst of purchases from the Russian, he decided to calm everyone’s nerves and let us all know from the kindness of his heart that he will be, in fact, keeping them for “Many years.” Oh boy, oh boy, this guy did not know what was about to happen.

The beginning of the end

Luckily for Lunar, he decided to calm down on the sticker purchases and move on to CS gloves, where things eventually got equally messy.

With little CSGO Knowledge, Lunar thought it would be a great idea to invest in gloves that aren’t so… let’s say, desirable.

Lunar decided to mass invest in Moto Gloves Blood pressure and Driver gloves black tie. Some information to those who don’t get CS gloves/skins too much: these aren’t the way forward investment-wise. Especially for glove investing, as they are more typically liquid items in investment terms.

In layman’s terms: These gloves are one of the worst options for investing in CSGO.

So, what did Lunar decide to do? Buy 25% of the global supply of Blood pressure gloves and 30% of the worldwide supply of Black Tie gloves.

While in the process of buying his gloves, he decided he would act in trying to raise the prices. He tweeted, “I want to buy a lot of Black tie gloves, sellers can you raise the price, why is it so low??? I want to see twice as expensive, I’ll buy”. So, this is where the clowning truly began.

Spoiler for his little “pwease upgrade prices” it didn’t happen. Prices actually plummeted while he owned them.

Why the gloves are such a terrible idea

These gloves are such bad investments because the two gloves mentioned are available in the “Snakebite” and “Broken Fang” cases.

These are cases that are still being regularly unboxed. The gloves Lunar invested in are being supplied into the CS skin pool from being opened in cases, meaning the prices are going down, and his part of the ownership of the total number is constantly decreasing.

So excluding the Titan Holos, at this point, Lunar had lost around 40% of his money because of the poor glove investment. In the process, people started clowning him online.

Everyone thought he was joking about the request to raise the prices, but he wasn’t, and people started to understand we were dealing with a spoilt, impatient, and arrogant rich guy. Nobody likes those, hence why the community displayed no mercy when it came to clowing him.

Community clowning begins

Lunar was a man who, quite frankly, had a way with words. He would regularly post on Twitter despite all that had happened. For example, he posted screenshots of his results in CS match-making games, playing quite well. So, of course, the CS community, as they do, decided to torment his poor weak mind and call him out for cheating.

Lunar ended up saying quite some stupid things. Some examples of his tweets read: “I will find and punish you” and: “I would gladly knock all the crap out of him in life if I can find him in life. So that he does not say such things to honest players”.

This man actually said he would beat someone up IRL? Like, are you seriously that upset?

It’s not quite finished…

Anyway, back to the Titan Holo stickers, the $780K investment… By mid-October, Lunar wasn’t happy that he hadn’t made hundreds of thousands of dollars within four months.

Around this time, Bitcoin was up at its highest peak, and true to his reputation of making the wrong calls, he decided to follow the scent of money and quickly sell his titan stash for quick cash and then buy into Bitcoin, which was $70,000 per BTC at the time.

Lunar sold all of his Titan Holos for $43,500, $16,500 less than what he bought them for… I thought you said, “Keep for many years,” though? Oh, my bad. Perhaps I have a different interpretation of the word “years.”

This made CS HISTORY. Hell, you could even write this in the history books! Honestly, some people!

And so, Lunar sold all of his collection of titan holos for $43,500 and claimed to have bought crypto. At the time of writing, BTC is currently valued at $29,000, $40,000 less than what it was worth when he said he was going to buy it.

Not only did he make the worst CSGO investment ever, but he also lost even more in crypto.

May his stupidity be a lesson to you all:

Don’t become a Lunar, but rather an Arrow.

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